About Us

We set our sight on a simple, but powerful vision on transportation services around the world.

About Us

City Guide presents a variety of solutions for day-to-day transportation needs as well as personalized services for tourists and visitors such as dedicated drivers, guides and a wide range of premium vehicles for any occasion. A safe and comfortable commute is crucial for the peace of mind whether you are on vacation or on your way to an important business meeting and we are here to take care of all these moments. The company website (www.cityguideuae.com) is owned and managed by ‹‹City Guide Luxury Transport LLC›› and ‹‹City Guide Passenger Transport LLC››.

Brand Story

City Guide was established in 2003, with an idea to provide premium class transportation services to the local clients and partners as well as to support the booming tourism sector. Through time City Guide evolved into a multifunctional platform that provides a wide range of solutions for transportation and tourism.


We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing premium quality transportation services with utmost comfort, punctuality and uncompromising commitment to safety. As a trustworthy transportation partner, we seek to build long-standing relationships with our clients based on reliability and satisfaction. City Guide is ready to be there for you, anyplace and any time.


Our vision is to expand our market share in the transportation and tourism sector by providing comprehensive and innovative services for visitors and local clients. Our strategic goal is to further develop and expand our services locally and across the region.